Pooch Buddies provides exceptional pet services in the San Fernando Valley with over 10 years in business!


     Thank you for visiting Pooch Buddies. Owned by Janet Wendy Spiegel, Pooch Buddies serves pet owner needs in the San Fernando Valley (from East Calabasas to Studio City, north and south of Ventura). If your dog or cat is in need of some affection, training, exercise, attention and more, then let Pooch Buddies help you!
     With award-winning service from our dependable, trustworthy, punctual Pooch Buddies, you'll know you have peace of mind while you are at work or away from your home for short or extended vacations or business trips.

Janet Wendy Spiegel
Owner, Pooch Buddies

     Born in Montreal and living and working in Los Angeles since the mid-1990’s, Janet Spiegel has enjoyed a dynamic, evolved career path.  After following a successful 20 year career path in the corporate world, she saw the need for a well-run, dependable dog service in the San Fernando Valley.  You'll find her a relationship-oriented, warm and caring business owner.  Having been at the beck and call of traditional work hours herself, she understands the challenges of balancing work (and traffic!) with home life and is determined to help dog owners have the best of both worlds! 

      It takes a village...and everyone on our carefully picked team of pet sitters and dog walkers LOVE animals and uphold the Pooch Buddies standards of our award-winning excellent pet care and owner service.  Some of our Buddies are: Janet, Corinne, Tamar, Taylor, Diane, Charli, Steve, Anabelle, Danielle, Christie, Ash, Amelia, Hanit and Samantha!  Punctual, reliable, good communicators and all are bonded and insured through Pooch Buddies. 

Owner, Janet Spiegel

Penny, the labradoodle.

Janet Spiegel, Owner


Our Team